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Shanti Yoga Flow Method includes deep relaxation, a touch of reiki, and the use of phrases that promote confidence, well-being, and calm


Nurture the whole being, the body,
the mind and spirit

I combine Yoga & Art to create, in different sessions a safe and effective space for healing, where physical difficulties are approached with love and understanding. Through the implementation of these techniques, the participants learn to overcome situations and face life's challenges with clarity and confidence, guided by their inner wisdom.

For individuals or corporate, we facilitate different workshops with the aim of promoting self-knowledge and personal and spiritual growth.

Shanti Yoga Flow
will change your life

After almost 20 years of marriage and 3 children, I went through a very painful divorce. At same time, a process of detox of anxiolytics and antidepressants was added to the situation. That took me to a deep pit, with many bodily and emotional sensations that led me to consider ending my life.

Yoga found me and I started practicing it everyday. Three weeks after implementing the practice to my daily routine, I began to felt much better. I feel more connected with myself, my mind clearer, and emotionally more positive.

I integrated other holistic techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises that led me into this journey of no return and that today is my lifestyle. This is the root of my Method, Shanti Yoga Flow.

Now, I help women like you to overcome challenging situations. Welcome to a new style of life

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